Pest Control Newcastle

Keeping our local Novocastrians healthy, safe and pest-free!

Oz Pest Solutions has been taking care of residential and commercial clients in Newcastle for years now, and we’re very well versed in the types of pests that live in the region, when they occur and how to deal with them. When you’re a local company, it’s easy to stay in touch with local pest control problems! For example, some areas in Newcastle such as those in Cooks Hill (home to famous eatery strip Darby Street), Hamilton, Merewether and other older Newcastle suburbs can be especially prone to small German cockroaches, and Oz Pest Solutions is familiar with making sure they keep them under control for their clients.

Why pest control is important for homes and businesses

Pests in the home or office can pose serious health and safety risks. Depending on the type of pests you have, they could be contaminating food and drink in your pantry and fridge. Many pests are famous carriers of disease such as cockroaches and rats, and eating foods that have had pest activity in them can put you at risk of illness. Some pests are poisonous or aggressive, and a bite from one can become a health problem – spider bites, bird lice and bed bugs are all very unpleasant to experience!

While some pests put human health at risk in an obvious way, others can do so indirectly by compromising the integrity of walls, roofs and home foundations. Termites, carpenter ants, possums, birds and rats can all cause damage to your property that can make it unstable or end up costing huge sums to repair.

Pest control is best used regularly – how pest control works​

Pest control works first by exterminating the source of the problem and killing off or eradicating the pest entirely, and secondly by continuing a regular maintenance strategy of preventing the pest from returning. Pest control works best when it is done preventatively after the initial treatment, and Oz Pest Solutions can organise a regular roster for our Newcastle clients so that they don’t have to think about it!

What kinds of pest control services can I choose from?

Oz Pest Solutions provides a number of great pest control services to our loyal Newcastle customers and these include, but are not limited to:

  • Cockroach treatment and prevention
  • Termite inspections, treatment and prevention
  • Ant problem treatments and prevention
  • Extermination and prevention of rats and mice
  • Bed bug and flea treatments
  • Spider control
  • Bird lice treatments and bird roosting prevention

Depending on whether you need a first initial treatment, or simply are looking to maintain one – OZ Pest Solutions can set you up with the perfect package of services for your unique situation. No home or business is exactly the same, and we know your needs will differ.

Are pest control chemicals safe?

Pest control chemicals are designed to kill, harm or discourage pests. While these pesticides are entirely safe when used carefully by licensed professionals, they can be toxic if misused or ingested. Oz Pest Solutions makes sure that their team gets constant training in the best practices, correct PPE gear, the latest technology and updated chemicals to use. In the home we make sure not to leave chemical residue where it can harm your pets, children or yourself. Safety is our highest priority, alongside quality service.

Getting great pest
control services

By choosing a pest control company like Oz Pest Solutions, you’re supporting a local business that employs and looks after local Newcastle people. We are committed to top quality pest control services in our hometown, while giving our customers the best possible results, hassle-free. Contact us to chat about your situation today, or submit an enquiry form to get started on getting your pests under control!